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“Live Healthy – Earn Rewards”

We understand that a balanced person is a motivated person. We know when people are healthy, they bring less stress to work, are engaged, and can contribute more productively.

Living healthily is one of the best investments we can make for ourselves. But getting on the right path to better health isn’t always easy. 2020 brought to the forefront that the boundaries between work and life have become blurred. For many, those divisions were close to non-existent anyway, and now we’re clear – work, home, family, friends – it’s all life and everything is integrated.

We would like to invite you to consider 2021 as the start of real conversations leading to actions that address health and wellbeing and all things work and life, that shift the game in a way that is best for every person in this wildly complex system, involving work and not being able to work, kids, parents, partners, pets, tests, teachers, meetings, masks, tasks, and email asks with the outcome of happier, more productive people.

Our partnership with Manulife, which started in 2019, brought additional resources with Resilience, our Employee and Family Assistance Program, an annual reimbursement for Psychologist/Social Worker counseling as an added aspect to our paramedical coverage, and a Health Care Spending Account.

Manulife launched Vitality which is now included in our extended health care plan. Employees who are on our group insurance benefits can participate in this digital wellness program. If you didn’t get a message about this new product you can find details by logging into your account at and clicking on Go to Manulife Vitality.

For more information on Vitality and how to sign up, click HERE

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